Valley Falls is a river town. Primarily the town is responsible for exporting to the western part of continent. Trade routes use this town often to quickly ship westward. Routes from the south often end terminate in Valley Falls.

The town is a very diverse one for this reason. Travelers are common and many have made a living here because of the ever expanding trade.

A temple in the NW area of the town has shrines to (3) deities: Fharlanghn (God of horizon, roads and travel), Obad-Hai (God of nature, freedom, and the hunt) and Geshtai (Goddess of water, lakes and rivers).

The town is run by an elected mayor every 3 years. The current mayor is up for reelection in the next few months so campaign signs are all around town. He will likely be re-elected and this will be his 5th term.

Towns People: Aronna – Bookstore owner Zav – Boat/Supply vendor Lorath – Alchemist Caionna – Trading post merchant Guster – Fish market vendor Victor – Blacksmith Langdon – Captain of the Guard Elastris – Magic Store owner Tanner – Mayor Wilk – Innkeeper

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