Quick Facts

- Unukai is a prison run and monitored by the Keepers.

- A Ring of Sustenance is on every prisoner.

- Various symbols, wards, and runes carved into every surface. They will suppress magical abilities, reduce magical effectiveness, and counter actual casting. They will ward against planar spells, illusions, and portals. Dimension door won't work

- Guards will have to be immune from charm, suggestion, illusion, and reduce major damage types to null. They can't be fooled by glamours, bluffs, mirror images, invisibility, and the old "sick prisoner dodge."

- The walls are immune to shatter, fire, force damage, and other efforts to remove them.

- At all entrances of the prison are Antimagic Fields.

- Several guards routinely cast Invisibility on themselves to make planned escapes much harder.

- One top of standard locks, Arcane Lock is use.

- Various places in the prison have security areas secured with Blade Barrier spell traps.

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