Uldurok was an ancient kingdom which rose to power during the Dark Era and nearly conquered all of Laria. Their dramatic defeat, known as the Blitzkrieg, signaled the end of the Dark Era and the beginning of the Present Era. Located in the frozen northern wastes, Uldurok was of the greatest forces for evil ever known. Friends of the black dragons and led by some of the most powerful sorcerers and warriors of all time, the kingdom unleashed an unprecedented level of destruction and left a dark shadow on the pages of history. Their terrifying and nearly-successful attempt to conquer Laria is referred to as the Great War, which ended 400 years ago. The Blitzkrieg was a miraculous, last-minute allegiance and regrouping of the southern kingdoms, which then pushed their combined forces northward with astonishing speed. Taken by surprise, the powerful beings of Uldurok were slain one by one, and the remaining forces were divided and devoured piecemeal. In the ensuing years, the southern allies worked to stamp Uldurok completely out of existence, and tear down its black fortress in the Bitter Heights. Decades after the departure of the southern troops, a successor state arose, calling itself Ulfang. Ulfang survives to this present day, but has not emulated the single-minded lust for conquest of its forebears, a wise decision based on survival.

Origins Edit

The Kingdom of Uldurok arose out of the barbarian tribes of the Bitter Heights, peoples who are now called northmen. The story of Uldurok begins in the Bitter Heights, with a remarkable barbarian-sage by the name of Jakarta. Much legend surrounds his life and deeds, and it is often difficult to discern fact from fiction. However it is not disputed that Jakarta was a real man whose general story is known, and who most certainly was the first King of Uldurok. Born amongst the hardy and warlike northmen, Jakarta emerged as a brilliant warrior and leader, distinct even at a young age. While remarkable with a sword, his closest friends always noticed a searching intelligence. Jakarta had a way of taking in everything around him, which made him a quick-thinking and devastating tactician. By the age of eighteen he was leading the swordsmen of his village, having bested each of them in personal combat.

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