The Bitter Heights is a plateau that covers much of northern Laria. Completely encircled by sheer cliffs and covered in snow, the Bitter Heights is one of the most unforgiving places on the continent. The people of Ulfang fare quite well however, and take pride in their culture which plays a part in making them tough and perseverant. For all but the most exceptional climbers there is only one way to access the Heights, which is an ancient road called the Winding Stair, carved into the cliffs ages ago. The Stair is a wide ramp that zigzags up the southeastern cliffs and emerges at the town of Ergoth, where all traffic filters before entering the Heights.

Central Tundra - The lands circling the fortress of Ulfang stay thawed throughout the year, and the brave farmers of the Bitter Heights all reside in here. Root vegetables and tubers are the only things that will grow in the hard soils. Wild creatures are rare in the center of the tundra, but moving outwards one may find roaming herds of mastodons and wooly rhinoceros.

The Forest Ring - The Forest Ring is a dark, thick evergreen forest that runs around the edge of the Bitter Heights and slowly dissipates as one moves further inland. Several barbarian tribes make their home in its depths, and although they unofficially give their allegiance to Ulfang they are quite unpredictable and travelers are advised to stay away. Wolves (sometimes Dire wolves) and bears are numerous in the Forest Ring, but there have been encounters with far more formidable creatures such as yetis. There is known to be a ancient white dragon that dwells in the northern reaches, on a perch situated on the edge of a cliff overlooking the cold northern seas. However travelers can take comfort that the southern half of the Forest Ring is far less dangerous.

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