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Welcome to the Laria wiki. Here are written the many stories that tell how the continent of Laria came into its present state, with descriptions of the many peoples, places, and things which weave into its complex tapestry. Placed within a great sea, the continent of Laria is a sprawling land that stretches from frigid northern reaches to a sweltering southern greenland. It is home to many kingdoms and peoples, all with a rich, intertwining history.


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The explorers and historians of Laria have no reason to believe that the sea in which Laria is placed has any bounds. No other landmass has ever been found, and the many explorers who have bravely sailed into its vastness have either returned empty-handed or not at all. It is not known either how Laria came to be, for the earliest written records do not mention any creation tale. Only legends survive, and these stories vary according to who is asked. There are three main eras which define the known history of Laria: the Elder Days, the Dark Era, and the Present Era. The Elder Days begin with the earliest written records, although these are scant and sometimes unverifiable. As the centuries progress a more complete picture begins to emerge, one that shows progressive steps towards building a civilized land in the south, but not without its growing pains. One result of these growing pains was the migration to the Bitter Heights by citizens who were marginalized or persecuted. After many centuries, from these peoples came the Kingdom of Uldurok, the greatest evil to ever plague Laria. The Dark Era is agreed to have begun a few years after its creation. This was a time of insecurity and war, and after centuries culminated in the Great War, a terrible, continent-wide conflict which left a black mark in Larian history. The sacking of Uldurok and the conclusion of the War mark the beginning of the Present Era, approximately 400 years ago. After the war the southern kingdoms were humbled at having such evil come from their own actions in the long past. There began a humbling and precarious rebuilding process, one that has been mostly successful. In the present day there is moderate security and prosperity in the kingdoms of Laria. Even the successor state of Uldurok, Ulfang, is acting mostly civil on the political stage. But echoes from Laria's troubled past are beginning to resurface, and its people may once again have to atone for the sins of their ancestors. Evil things still inhabit the dark places of the land, and the forces of good must be watchful.

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    Summary: The Midlands:
  • new page The Kingdom of Ythria
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    New page: Ythria was an ancient kingdom which lays claim to the discovery of dark magic, and inadvertently opened a great portal which caused their own...
  • new page The Midlands
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    New page: The Midlands Edit The Midlands are a temperate, sparsely wooded area north of the Southlands and west of the Nahl Mountains. The people who live...
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    Summary: Rhodan the Conqueror and the Harrowing of the Midlands:
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    New page: Contents[show] The Elder Age Edit It is not known whether it was indeed the Southern Kingdoms who were the first beings to set foot on Laria, but...
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    New page: There were many conflicts in the Elder Days between kingdoms, usually competition over land or resources, or personal feuds between nobility. But the...
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    New page: OVERVIEW The city of Esterlin is currently in the sky floating far above where it once was. It was once in the east part of Laria in a somewhat hilly...
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