Being a university town, there are over 5000 people there. The demographic is of all flavors, once again due to the university.

The city is led by a government counsel, many of which are in high positions within the university.

The city is run by a republic. Officials are voted in and the decisions are made by them. The elected officials then elect a leader, know as the Chairman. The current leader is elvish and is former headmaster of the university, Luthis Dawnweaver.

Main Temples in the city are: Desna, Irori, Sarenrae, Shelyn, Nethys

Minor shrines are through the city for these 5 and 2 others: Abadar, Iomedae

The city is highly funded by the university. Travelers are often here to see the sites and explore the beautiful works that come from the university. Several shops exist within the town with various wares available. Some of the finest furniture is crafted in Esterlin.

Several hunters and farmers live in the outer regions of the town and provide food for most of the town and university. Merchants make daily deliveries of non-perishable foods such as salted meats and dried fruits.

The economy is strong but seems to be heavily divided. Those not working with the university or running a successful exporting business are usually barely getting by. The poor and old are all fed by volunteers with food that is donated to them a Help Centers. It is usually “about to spoil” food that has been turned into a soup.

3 well known guilds have setup houses in this city. The Mages Guild, The Arms Guild and the Talons Guild. The Mages Guild's purpose is to enforce laws on those that use magic. Those found abusing it, will be punished. The Arms Guild is a small mercenary type group that only takes local small jobs. The Talon Guild is a regional guild with house in all major cities. They are a contractor guild that sends specialized individuals to handle specific jobs to ensure success.


  • Apothecary - Bubbling Trouble
  • Artist - A Divine Brush
  • Butcher/Baker - B&B
  • Blacksmith - (Weapons, Armor, Repairs, Pots) - Weighted Hammer
  • Library - The Bookworm
  • Bowyer/Fletcher - The Feathered Tip
  • Brewer/Vintner - Half-Full Tankard
  • Carpenter/Joiner - (wagons, carts, boats, furniture) - The Way of the Wood
  • Clothier/Cobbler/Dyer/Hatter – A Fine Thread
  • Enchanter - Magical Hopes
  • Leatherworker/Furrier - Tanned Hides
  • Glassblower - Blowing Hot Air
  • Jeweler - Shinies
  • Herbalist - Twig and Branch
  • Taverns - Drunken Mule, Happy Dragon, Fallen Phoenix
  • Locksmith - Locked Tight
  • Merchants - Warren’s Wares, The Kitchen Sink, Hop and Skip
  • Potter - The Hairy Potter


  • Academics/Scholars/Sages - Astrologer, cartographer, historian, philosopher, etc. The place to come for information and research. All are found within the university.
  • Actors Guild
  • Barber – (doctor, surgeon, bloodletter, dentist, and haircutter) - Snip Snip
  • Lawyers – Lawyered
  • Bricklayers/Masons – Complimentary Masons
  • Bodyguard - Westen Services
  • Undertaker - After Life
  • Guilds - Arms, Mage, Talons
  • Prostitute - Macey’s Escape
  • Scribes – The Pen is Mightier


  • Farms - Ferrie’s Mill, Dotties Dairy, Lilly’s Farm
  • Hunter/Ranger/Trapper - Luke, Tregan, Petra
  • Lumberjack - Geph, Naton, Heath
  • Miner - Erik’s Excavations


  • Bank
  • Courts
  • Town Hall
  • Hospital
  • Jails and Holding Cells - High amount of security personnel are usually in the area.
  • Shrines - Desna, Irori, Sarenrae, Shelyn, Nethys, Abadar, Iomedae
  • Temples - Desna, Irori, Sarenrae, Shelyn, Nethys
  • Records or Information Center - Common knowledge about the town is found here. History and other information.
  • Soup Kitchen
  • Watchman/Guardsman Barracks

The city of Esterlin is currently in the sky floating far above where it once was. It was once in the east part of Laria in a somewhat hilly plain.

Trying to escape from the undead hordes that were closing in, the wizards and sorcerers of the town teamed up to teleport the town to the sky as a form of defense.

The city once had 1 set of walls surrounding it, but the walls were left behind during the teleportation.

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